Congratulations to the 2019 CNS Award Recipients

Career Recognition Awards

Khursheed Jeejeebhoy Award for Best Application of Clinical Nutrition Research Findings to Clinical Practice
Heather Keller, RD, PhD
Schlegel Research Chair Nutrition & Aging
Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging &  Professor, Department of Kinesiology University of Waterloo

Supported by Abbott Canada

Young Investigator Award for Outstanding Research
John Sievenpiper, MD, PhD, FRCPC
University of Toronto

Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society

CIHR INMD / CNS – New Investigator Partnership Prize
Caroline Richard, PhD
University of Alberta

Supported by CIHR-INMD / CNS

Allied Health Award in Nutrition Care
Rupinder Dhaliwal, RD
Metabolic Syndrome Canada

Supported by Nestlé Health Science

Earle Willard McHenry Award for Distinguished Service in Nutrition
Vickie Baracos, PhD
University of Alberta

Supported by Fresenius Kabi

Service Awards

President’s Volunteer Leadership Award 
Nick Bellissimo, PhD
Ryerson University
Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society

Publication Awards

Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism Award for Nutrition Translation 
Kate A. Wickham, Lawrence L. Spriet
"No longer beeting around the bush: a review of potential sex differences with dietary nitrate supplementation" -
Supported by Canadian Science Publishers 

Abstract Awards

Clinical Nutrition Research Abstract Award 
Valérie Lamantia, Université de Montréal
Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society

The Gordon F. Mutch Young Investigator Award in Diabetes Research 
Leila Khorraminezhad, Université Laval
Supported by the Gordon F. Mutch Family
Thematic Conference Abstract Award 
Melissa Calleja, Brock University
Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society

Mohammed Moghadasian Award for Student Research in the Application of Nutrition in Cardiovascular Disease 
Beatriz Franco-Arellano, University of Toronto
Supported by the Moghadasian Family

George Beaton Award for Student Work in Public Health Nutrition 
Jacqueline Brown, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Supported by the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto

Trainee Awards

PhD Dissertation Award for Outstanding Research 
Lisa Martin, PhD, RD
University of Alberta

Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society

Nutrition Graduate Student and Trainee Award Finalist /Christine Gagnon Memorial  Travel Award 
1st place:  Melissa Calleja, Brock University
2nd place:  Peter Isesele, Memorial University of Newfoundland
3rd place:  Marnie Newell, University of Alberta


CNS Poster Competition 
1st place:   Amélie Bergeron, Université Laval
2nd place:  Mirjana Valdes, University of British Columbia
3rd place:   Scott Lacombe, University of Toronto


Infographic Award Competition

Infographic Award Finalists 
Supported by the Canadian Nutrition Society

1st place:   Brock Williams, University of British Columbia
2nd place:  Alyssa Ramuscak, Ryerson University
3rd place:   Shirin Panahi, Université Laval


Fellowship Awards

Clinical Nutrition Fellowship
Lisa Martin, PhD, RD
University of Alberta

Supported by CNS, CIHR-INMD and Nestlé Health Sciences

Clinical Nutrition Fellowship
Caroline Tuck, PhD,
Queen's University

Supported by CNS, CIHR-INMD and Nestlé Health Sciences

Travel Awards

2019 CNS/Calea Annual Conference Travel Award 
Ramandeep Mangat, MD
McMaster University

Supported by CNS and Calea

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