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Group Live Streaming

CNS has added Group Live Streaming as a registration option for this year's thematic conference. In addition to the individual Live Streaming option, Group Live Streaming will allow for groups of delegates within universities and other professional settings to participate virtually and benefit from a special group registration rate. All 2020 Thematic Conference speakers, panels, Q&As, opening and closing remarks will be live streamed throughout the entire conference.

Group Live Streaming will require one lead Facilitator to register and be the point of contact with CNS to facilitate all logistics leading up to, during, and after the event. The Facilitator must be a current CNS member.  

A detailed CNS Thematic Conference Facilitator's Guide will be provided for step-by-step coordination support and offer tips and ideas on how to maximize this experience for all group virtual participants. Note that while group participants do not have to be a current CNS member, only current CNS members will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Deadline to register as a Group is Friday, January 3, 2020. For questions on Group Live Streaming, please contact

(Virtual conference only)
Registration Fee
Group Live Streaming - University $1,200 (early-bird rate - by Dec. 13, 2019)
$1,800 (regular rate - Dec. 14, 2019 to Jan. 3, 2020)
Group Live Streaming - Regular $2,500 (early-bird rate by Dec. 13, 2019)
$3,000 (regular rate - Dec. 14, 2019 to Jan. 3, 2020)

* For custom Live-streaming options, please contact


Terms & requirements:
Group Facilitator Responsibilities: 
  1. Internet access with the latest software version of the following supported browsers: Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari / Edge
  2. Speakers connected to computer
  3. Projection capabilities - for group viewing
CNS will provide:

To register for the Group Live Stream, visit our registration page. For questions on Group Living Streaming, please contact

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